Broadband Connect LTE

The power to connect with your world on the go

  • A faster and more efficient data network
  • Ideal for small and medium sized businesses
  • Connect multiple devices for instant downloads, file sharing and collaboration

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What is BBC LTE?

Broadband Connect LTE offers a faster and more efficient data network for small and medium-sized businesses, and with speeds up to three times faster than 3G, it provides reduced network delay for business activities such as video conferencing. Vodacom Broadband Connect LTE  lets you connect multiple devices for instant downloads, easy file sharing and seamless collaboration across the office  faster than the average ADSL or 3G connection.

How to get Broadband Connect LTE:

Choose from an indoor unit or portable MiFi device to ke you connected to the fastest internet experience.

Indoor Modem

  • Connect up to 20 devices

  • Connect your devices through WiFi or your Local Area Network

  • Compact and portable – move it to where you need it

  • Recommended for Home and Office use


  •  Connect multiple devices

  • Compact WiFi on the go

BBC LTE costs and plans

All prices valid on a 3G data 24 month contract

AllocationPrice incl VAT


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