Meg Your Day Data

What is Meg Your Day Data?

It is the Promotion targeted at all prepaid and  postpaid  subscribers with data capable devices. This service offers access to different social and local radio stations. Subscribers will be provided with 1GB bundle specifically to be used for the subscribed service. 

When will Meg Your Day Data be available?

            The promo will run from 29th August 2017 and ends on 30th November

      The bundle expires daily, and the offerings are as per below table


Days of the Week

Free Service












Sound Cloud



How much does Meg Your Day Data cost?

Free 1GB data, free with a data balance over 150MB upon subscribing.

      1.    Dial *111#.

      2.    Select option 9 (opt-in).

      3.    Select option 1 (daily selection).

      4.    Notification  message of success or failure.

      5.    An SMS also confirming the service subscribed to and expiry of the bundle.

      6.    Balance for Meg Your Day can be checked in the same way by selecting *111#, option 9 then option 2

Business Rules

1.    Customers need to have a minimum daily/ weekly/ monthly data bundle worth 150MB, active on their account.

2.    Only bought bundles will apply on qualification Criteria.

3.    Customers can opt in to the daily free service at any time of the day until 23:00 but the service will always expire at 23:59 on that day

4.    Customer will receive up to 1GB data once-off.

5.    The Allocatred 1GB data will take the first priority in order of consumption for that particular service(e.g Facebook For Friday).

Realtime notifications at 3MB balance of allocated data.