Social Media Bundles

What are Social Media Bundles?

The Social Media Bundles are weekly bundles that will give customers unlimted use of social media networks. The social media bundles will be valid for 7 days from the day of purchase.

How Much will it cost?

The two bundles are priced as follows:

1. Whatsapp & Twitter for M20

2. Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook for M30

Who are Social Media Bundles available to?

Prepaid Customers (Prepaid Per second, Prepaid Bua, Prepaid anytime) 

Hybrid/Top-Up Customers. 

The process works as follows:

The customer can purchase Social Media Bundles through *111# under the data bundles option.

1. Whatsapp & Twitter bundle will give customers unlimited access to Whatsapp & Twitter for 1 week.

2. Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook bundle will give customers unlimted access to Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook for 1 week.

How do I buy Social Media Bundles


Buy Bundles > Buy for Myself/Others > Data Bundles > Social Media Bundles

The Social media bundles are available from 22nd June 2016 to 12th August 2016. 

Business Rules

The following Business Rules will apply:

1. The promotion applies only to prepaid and top-up subscribers only.

2. The Social Media Bundles expire at 23:59, 7th day after purchase.

3. Whatsapp Voice and Facebook Voice are not allowed (will not be free).

4. Multiple purchases are not allowed. A subscriber may not buy more than one social media bundle at a time

5. Third party applications in the social networks will be charged e.g opening a Youtube video in Facebook or Twitter.

6. Order of consumption will be as follows:

a. Power Hour Bundle

b. Daily Bundles

c. Social Media bundles

d. Weekly bundles

e. Monthly bundles

f. Out of bundle