Video Play

What is Vodacom Video Play?

Vodacom Video Play is a content product that offers video content to the subscribers across our network on customer mobile device as a video download service. Video Play introduces video priced in minutes removing barrier to understanding megabytes.

Being a video download service, it removes the possibility of buffering and poor quality experience. Videos are downloaded per tower basis within 4 hours. The bunldes used for Video Play will be available within the application and will be as follows:

M5 for 30 minutes

M1 for 5 minutes

0.99 for one music video

All purchased bundles expire 30 days from purchase.

When will Video Play be available?

           From May 31st 2017.

It is available across all customer base but targeted to the youth and high value subscribers.

How do I become Vodacom Video Play user?

To become the user, the customer downloads the application from Google Play or Vodacom App store and installs it to their mobile device.

Once the App has been installed the user register on the application using the MSISDN then logs in to purchase minutes. From then, the customer browse free within the application and then choses the video to buy and will be scheduled for download within 4 hours.

Click Here  To Download.

How much does it cost?

All VideoPlay content is free to download, until March 31st 2018.

How do I check my minutes balance?

Customer will check the minutes balance wit in the application.

What are the benefits of Video Play?

       ·  Video play is the first of its kind in Lesotho market, introducing Videos priced in minutes.

       ·   Video Play converts non video consumers to be video consumers

All purchased bundles expire 30 days from purchase.

Business Rules


The following Business Rules will apply:

a)       The Vodacom Video Play application will be available on the relevant app store for all supported devices android (Google Play or Vodacom App Store)

b)      Video minute bundles are available for purchase from within the application only

c)       Minute bundles will expire 30 days from purchase

d)      The user can only download Videos if they have an active minutes bundle, they have a subscription active, it is a free video.(Access on subscription base will be available on phase 2)

e)      The user is able to use WiFi to download his scheduled videos

f)        Premium content price includes the price to download the content item

The customer will not go out of bundle. If he requests a video that will take him out of bundle, he is prompted to buy an additional bundle.