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M-Pesa App frequently asked questions

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The M-Pesa APP is a Mobile Application provided by Vodacom for M-Pesa customers with Android Phones to manage their M-Pesa accounts and initiate Mobile Money Services(e.g. check balance, pay bill and send money), thus providing a richer user experience.

The M-Pesa APP can be used on the Android Operating System (OS) only for now. APP for Other operating systems will be available in near future.

The M-Pesa APP will work on Android 4.1 (i.e. Jelly Bean) and above.

The M-Pesa APP can be used on the Android devices only for now. Other operating system will be available in near future.

The M-Pesa APP will work in any Android device with a Vodacom SIM card installed in it, and has a Vodacom Mobile Data Network connection.

We will add features/options and make them available via periodic APP updates.

There are 2 types of M-Pesa updates:

  1. Menu and Icon changes: When the APP is started, it will connect to the Mobile APP backend and update to the latest configuration (e.g. menu, icon, new services etc.). This update will be transparent to the APP user.
  2. New APP Version: If you have activated the automatic update option on your phone, the update will happen in the background automatically with no intervention by you. You will also be able to request an APP update within the APP from the About screen.

Menu and Icon updates will happen automatically when you start up the APP. For APP Version updates, you can continue using the old APP version if there are no mandatory changes in the new APP version. Otherwise, the old APP will be disabled and you will have to download and install the new APP version to continue using the M-Pesa APP.

Yes, if the upgrade is mandatory, then the old APP version will be automatically disabled.

When there is a new feature available on the APP, then an Out-Of-Box-Experience will be shown to you to inform of the new feature(s), and how to use them.

No, device OS updates will be backward compatible with old versions of the M-Pesa APP. If for any reason an APP update is required, you will be informed. Alternatively, if you restore your Android Device from backup, you will need to re-install the M-Pesa APP by entering your MSISDN, an SMS verification code and your M-Pesa PIN.

M-Pesa APP usage will be free. However, customer data charges will be applied during the downloading process.

Yes. You can use the M-Pesa APP whilst roaming.

You can download the M-Pesa APP on any Android device. However, you will need to have a valid Vodacom SIM card, a Vodacom Mobile Data Network connection, an SMS verification Code and M-Pesa PIN to use the APP on the Android device.

This restriction is being put in place for the initial launch of the M-Pesa APP. Vodacom may launch the APP with a service to access and manage your M-Pesa account over any data connection (i.e. Mobile Data and Wi-Fi) in future.

No, as long as you have a valid Google Account and are logged in on an Android Phone with a data connection to the Google Play Store, you will be able to download the M-Pesa APP.

Vodacom will increase the awareness of customers to the valid M-Pesa APP. For example, by providing a link to the APP on Google Play Store from the USSD Menu, Vodacom Website and in SMS notifications to Smartphone APP users.

In addition, the M-Pesa APP icon and user interface will be made visible to customers on the Google Play Store and in all marketing material for the APP. Vodacom will also actively monitor Google Play Store and other sites for fraudulent M-Pesa APPs, and take steps to ensure customer access to download them is blocked.

As long as your MSISDN and M-Pesa account remains the same, you can continue using the APP as normal. If you change your MSISDN (and M-Pesa account), then you will need to re-install the APP on the phone with your new account details.

No, your M-Pesa PIN will not be stored in the APP.

No, the M-Pesa APP will only work on Android Smartphone Devices.

If you have an Android Device with an OS version older than 4.1 (Jelly Bean), then the APP won't be available to download and install on the Google Play Store. If for any reason, you obtain the APP elsewhere and download to your phone, the OS will restrict you from installing it on your device. The Install button will be greyed out on the Google Play Store or on your device respectively.

Yes, the M-Pesa APP will be available for download from the official Google Play Store only (i.e. under the developer name Vodacom Lesotho Limited)

Yes, you can download the APP via Wi-Fi and while roaming.

No, when you change your language preference on the APP, the change will apply to all M-Pesa channels (i.e. USSD and APP) and notifications (i.e. SMS).

M-Pesa APP enables the users to access M-Pesa services easily all the time even without the data network. In order to facilitate this feature, the user will need provide permissions for the APP to send and receive SMSs but please note that these SMSs are FREE of charge to send and receive as long as you are not roaming.