Vodacom Lesotho

Mokhatlo Savings Account

Safely manage your Group Funds with M-Pesa

It is a saving account for groups of people saving towards a common goal, where multiple M-Pesa registered customers can have access, in a controlled manner, to a shared account that allows for:

  • Gathering/saving of funds together
  • Use of funds to buy/pay for good/bills to the benefit of the entire group

  1. Download the Mokhatlo Group Savings Account form and fill in.
  2. At least 3 committee/group members will be needed on the application form
    1. 1 group leader
    2. 1 approver
    3. 1 regular member
  3. Submit the application form to your nearest Vodacom Centre
  4. Immediately your Mokhatlo Group Savings account will be created, and the Group Leader will be notified by SMS requesting them to confirm the group account
  5. Once activated, the Group Leader can start adding members.

  1. Easy to Open
    1. All groups can open an account by filling a simple form
    2. Only one authorised person is needed to initiate the application
  2. Increased security & transparency
    1. Visibility: All members can view account transactions
      1. Deposits
      2. Withdrawal
      3. Balances
      4. Statements
    1. Control: multiple group members will be needed for any approval process
    2. No cash withdrawals without the approval of the assigned approvers
    3. Safe storage of funds
  1. Increased convenience
    1. Real time transactions
    2. No transaction limits
    3. Unlimited number of group members can join account
  2. No fees with the Mokhatlo Savings account

Important Customer Information

  1. Only standard M-Pesa customers are eligible for Mokhatlo Savings Account. Unregistered & entry level customers invited to join a group will be informed to upgrade their M-Pesa account
  2. The maximum number of accounts a customer can join is 10
  3. Only added members will be able to transfer funds to Mokhatlo Savings Account
  4. Each Mokhatlo Savings Account will have its unique code
  5. For groups with less than 5 members, each Mokhatlo Savings account will need at least 1 group leader, 1 group Approver & 1 regular member
  6. For groups with 5 or more members, each Mokhatlo Savings account will need at least 2 group leaders, 2 group Approvers & 1 regular member
  7. All Group Members will be notified in case of transactions via sms