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What is M-Pesa Bulk Payments Service?

Your most popular questions answered!

The bulk payments service allows organisations to make payment to any Vodacom subscriber registered for the M-Pesa services. Organisations and/or companies can make a variety of bulk payments from the system including but not limited to; partial or full salary payments, allowances, social grant payments and any other payments that are made to multiple individuals at the same time.


M-Pesa Bulk Payment Services can disburse cash payments such as;

  • Payments for temporary workers
  • Allowances
  • Salaries/wages
  • Petty cash allowances
  • Transport and Travel expenses

This service will allow for anyone to receive their funds directly into their mobile wallets.

Benefits for the Business/Enterprise

The services enables the business, once they have access to the service to do the following transactions directly and conveniently using their mobile devices;

Benefits for payees

  • A convenient and customer friendly service on their mobile devices
  • A cost efficient service
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • A pin secured service on their devices.