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Why Vodacom

Benefits of working for Vodacom

Every individual goal we achieve, every skill we learn and experience we gain makes us collectively more powerful, so that we can pass on the Power to You!

We are also a global family. Through our Vodafone alignment, you’ll gain exposure to international markets and power your career with the best in the business.

Locally, we have our Headquarters in Maseru and have stores in all districts, with a world of opportunities to work in: Engineering and Technology, Commercial, Marketing and Sales or in support functions such as Finance, HR, Customer Care or Corporate Affairs.


We have our own Pension Fund, and membership is compulsory for all our employees. We also provide flexible death benefits, as well as disability benefits. Employees have the option to either belong to the Company approved medical aid schemes or their own preferred medical aid schemes. 

Our leave benefits are world class including: Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Paid Maternity Leave, Family responsibility leave, Paternity leave, Study leave… and More. Bonuses play an important part in Vodacom’s retention strategy. The design of the different incentive schemes are aimed at encouraging behaviour in employees who strive toward achieving success, which in turn reward employees for these successes.


Our Health & Wellness programme reflects the value the Company places on employee engagement – connectedness, creativity and tolerance - which result from enhanced individual holistic wellness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Change lives

Our volunteer programme invites you to make a hands-on difference in your community, by sharing your time, heart and skills with those in need. Or by following the work our Foundation.

Vodacom Foundation

In its 20 years of operation, the company has invested over M1 Billion in technology and communications infrastructure in the country. In 2009, the company established the Vodacom Lesotho Foundation, with the aim to develop a more focused strategy to invest into the communities that Vodacom Lesotho services. The Foundation was mandated to invest in critical areas of development such as health, education, social welfare, gender equity & women empowerment, youth empowerment, sports, and cultural development. 

The Foundation, in partnership with Vodafone Foundation, our mother company, has committed to invest a further M100 million, into Lesotho over the next 5 years, in the areas of entrepreneurship and economic development, education, and health. 

Because we share the view that any being is a product of its environment, it was imperative that we set up a pillar whose pure focus is to enhance the lives and living conditions of people, including the caring initiatives for the general environment in which we plough trade.

We further invest in the talent of the country through the Vodacom Innovation Park. 

The Vodacom Innovation Park is an incubator for budding entrepreneurs in any area of business, that are looking to leverage the power of technology and mobile communications to differentiate, and make their businesses more competitive and productive.



What makes us unique

We are a growing network of youthful, inspired and wired individuals connected globally by Vodafone. We are defined by so much more than our performance goals. In addition to qualifications and degrees, we possess talents and aspirations that contribute to our colourful culture. Falling under the Vodafone umbrella, we are connected globally to more than 80 000 like-minded colleagues around the world.

What we value

Speed: We address problems quickly, and act with pace and energy. What’s more, we always prioritise the things that matter most to the business. Simplicity: We strive to make things simple for customers, colleagues and partners alike. Trust : We’re reliable, honest and open to deal with. We always deliver for others – and trust others to do the same. Keeping our CARE promise 

Transformation and Diversity

We are committed to the meaningful, sustainable economic transformation of Lesotho. We are proudly multicultural and with operations worldwide, we are multinational too. We celebrate and harness our differences to enrich collaboration, innovation, creativity and productivity. We are inclusive, tolerant, honest and fair in our interactions with one another and our customers. After all, our customers are equally diverse.


Why Vodacom: From our people

Makena Tšukulu

Thanks to Vodacom for this great initiative towards staff’s development. I took various courses under Network skills and improved on aspects that I wasn’t aware of. I urge all who haven’t taken part to do so for their personal development.

Mathabo Mohapi

Oracle Database 11g has developed me to write simple SQL statements to retrieve and modify information from database as I do my daily job activities including roaming reports. I personally encourage my fellow colleagues to engage in SABA e-learning.

Malekhase  Moea

I find continuous education as the best tool to invest in myself at any given opportunity. Vodacom has helped me reach that goal and I’m grateful for that, it’s now up to me to deliver and payback the confidence shown in me.

Company Structure: