Our Mission

The Vodacom way is the only way

VODACOM is a winning company where everyone is imbued with a spirit to win, to be passionate in whatever we do, to be the best, to never give up, to work harder than anybody else, to know that our best is better than anybody else's best. Losing is just not an option. We are a team and competition is our sport.


 VODACOM is a respected company where honesty, trust, good faith, and professionalism are the cornerstones of how we do business. Everyone we deal with is an equal partner, and we deal straight.


 VODACOM is a caring company that cares about what it does and how it does it, which is always fair, and that respects every single person. Sincerely caring about everything we do every minute of every day, is our way of life.


 VODACOM believes that it can enhance people's lives and empower them by making it possible for all people in South Africa to have access to mobile telecommunications. We have the will and the means to do so, and will strive to do so in a sensible manner. We will democratise telecommunications.


VODACOM will seek out the impossible to do Mobile communications has been made possible by the most innovative technology in the world. This technology will continue to develop and continue to make possible things we cannot even dream of today. We will remain the most competent and innovative of all in all this technology, to not only make every dream come true, but to dream the dreams. We will use our passion and our common sense to do the impossible. Indeed we will seek out the impossible to do.


And in everything we do, we will always make sure our shareholders remain happy, and proud of their investment in Vodacom.


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Our profile

We are a caring company that strives to enhance people’s lives and empower through advanced telecommunications solutions. We are committed to dominating the telecommunications through innovative yet sensible means.

Vodacom Foundation

Because we share the view that any being is a product of its environment, it was imperative that we set up a pillar whose pure focus is to enhance the lives and living conditions of people, including the caring initiatives for the general environment in which we plough trade.


We aspire to bring change not only to the environment, but also to the people in the environment by equipping them with skills, as well as giving them a platform to generate innovative ideas that may even be shared with the world over. We encourage people to find their best potential and shine.