Frequently asked questions

Your most popular questions on My Vodacom App

How do I get My Vodacom App?

Ø  Visit the nearest store or go to play store to install


How do I use My Vodacom App?

Ø  From your dashboard, tap the Menu Icon


How do I login to My Vodacom App?

Ø  Tap the Menu Icon, Insert your phone number, press continue you will receive the OTP message insert the 4 digits and then continue.


How do I find the services inside My Vodacom App?

Ø  Tap on the menu icon on the My Vodacom, menu will popup


How do I view my profile on the My Vodacom App?

Ø  Login to the My Vodacom App, tap the menu icon, scroll and tap My Account. Your account details will be displayed.


How do I view Balance on the My App?

Ø  Tap on the menu icon, go to my account and then balances


How do I buy bundles on the My Vodacom App?

Ø  Tap on the menu icon go to buy bundles, choose the one you would like to buy