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Above and beyond giving you the power to communicate the world over, we strive to make your experience on our network a warm feeling with added support services

Calling services

We enable your phone to Centre voice messages in cases where you are not able to take incoming calls. You can then listen to the recorded messages.

Missed call notification

Receive an alert for every missed call.An automated SMS notificaton that informs you of calls missed while your phone was unavailable.

Call divert

Never miss a call. a service that anables one to forward their calls to an alternative number.

Please call me

Send up to 10 free messages per day to other VCL subscribers, requesting them to call you back - even when you have insufficient airtime.

Caller indentity

See who wants to talk to you as and when the call comes in.

Meloli (Ring back tones)

Allows you to set your preferred song for your caller to listen to while calling you.


Internet services

4th generation data mobile communication technology that provides significantly higher data speeds.

Internet bundles

Be in control of your data spend and get the best value for your money.


Prepaid services
Airtime advance

A self-service option that allows Vodacom prepaid customers to receive airtime in advance and pay it later.

Free change

Free-Change allows customers more freedom to change across tariffs.

Airtime transfer

A FREE service that allows you send airtime from your cellphone to any Vodacom Prepaid and Top Up subscriber.