My Muze Terms and Conditions


Voting Mechanics/ Rules

·       Customers will have a maximum of 14 votes per week

·       A customer can vote 2 times a day.

·       Voting is open to MyMuze subscribers only.

·       Winners will be announced with 3 days of Closing weekly votes.

·       Monthly Artists winners will be extracted from the 5 most voted Artists.

·       Should an artist have more than one song voted for in the Top 5, the next artist will be selected for the next prize.

·       One artist qualifies for only 1 prize Monthly

·       Subscribers will receive notifications upon Voting.

·       Winners will be announced

·       The campaign will be active for 13 Weeks starting from day of launch.

·       Customers who stream the most weekly also stand a chance of winning.

·       Winners will be drawn from those who have streamed 1 to 20 Songs as category one and over 20 Songs as Category 2 in a week.