M-Pesa frequently asked questions

  What will happen to my money if my phone gets stolen

Your money is safe in your M-Pesa account as long as you do not share your PIN with anyone. Whoever stole your phone will not have access to your M-Pesa account. Please call our customer care on 114 to suspend your account. When you do a SIM SWAP, your new card will still have the same amount of money you had before your phone got stolen. 


  What happens if / when I lose my Vodacom SIM?

Call 114 to have your M-Pesa account suspended. Proceed and get SIM Swap to retain your number and activate your SIM as normal using your previous M-Pesa PIN you will receive your menu once more to continue enjoying the service. Note that you will need to call customer services to release your account to enable you activate properly.


  What do I do in case of a wrong transfer?

Wrong transfers are reversible on the M-Pesa system, upon thorough vetting of the sender and recipient and if the money has not yet been cashed or withdrawn. If you make an incorrect transaction, please call 114 for immediate assistance. In exceptional cases we will be able to assist you.


  Can I use my Vodacom airtime to top up my M-Pesa account?

YES. Airtime to M-pesa conversion is possible at 15% fee. Yes prepaid customers can use their Airtime to top-up M-pesa wallets


  Do I need to have a bank account?

No. M-Pesa has been designed so that all mobile customers, even those without bank accounts, can use it. Your money is held safely in a bank account run by M-Pesa on your behalf.


  Do I need to have a minimum amount in my account like some banks ask for?

No. Your M-Pesa account can have as much or as little money in it as you like. Minimum balance is zero.


  Do I need to pay any service charges for having an M-Pesa account?

M-pesa only charges you when you perform a transaction. You are not charged for anything other than the transactions you perform. You are only charged for sending money or withdrawing cash from your M-Pesa account. Deposits, airtime purchase and balance enquiries are free.


  What is the difference between a registered M-Pesa customer and an unregistered customer?

A registered M-Pesa customer is able to access the M-Pesa services menu by dialing *111#. An unregistered M-Pesa user is one who may only receive money from M-Pesa customer and then withdraw cash. He cannot use any other M-Pesa services. An unregistered user may belong to Vodacom or any other mobile network.


  What happens if I do not get an SMS from M-Pesa confirming the transaction?

There may be a delay in receiving your SMS from M-Pesa. If you do not receive an SMS response within 10 minutes, kindly call Vodacom Customer Care on 114 for assistance.


  What happens if the Vodacom network is down?

M-Pesa will not function as transactions are transmitted through the network. As soon as the network is reCentred, you will be able to use M-Pesa service again.


  I have a Motorola C113 and can’t activate my account?

There are some phones that don’t receive the M-Pesa menu. In that case, you will need to use another model of phone.