Bank Card To M-pesa

What is Bank Card to M-Pesa


Bank Card to M-Pesa is a service that conveniently enables all registered M-Pesa customers to transfer money from their Standard Lesotho bank and Nedbank Lesotho cards into their M-Pesa account.


How to transfer money from your bank card to M-Pesa

Simply follow the simple steps:

1.       Transferring M-Pesa

2.       Dial *111#

3.       Select M-Pesa

4.       Select M-Pesa Top-Up

5.       Select from Bank Card

6.       Select either:

             For Self

             For Other

7.       Enter Amount from M25 to M2500

8.       Confirm M-Pesa top up amount and recipient mobile number.


You will then be required to enter your banking details, press ok to continue for Android or dismiss if you are an iphone user. Then authorize payment by accepting Terms and Conditions.


 NOTE: If you are not able to get to this stage, you will be required to do a sim swap. Visit

your nearest Vodacom shop for assistance. 


Entering your Banking Details

1.            Enter Banking Details to complete transfer

                a.             Enter Bank Card number

                b.            Enter Bank Card Expiry date

                c.             Enter your last three or four digits on the back of your bank card (CVV )

                d.            Enter Bank Card ATM PIN to authorize payment


You will receive a confirmation SMS that your bank account was debited and the recipient of the funds will also get a confirmation SMS to say their account has been topped up with a new M-Pesa balance.


How much will Bank Card to M-Pesa cost?

All Bank Card to M-Pesa transactions will be charged at 0.50 which will be deducted from the customers M-Pesa account in addition to any applicable bank charges.