M-Pesa loyalty Funeral cover Benefits

       Get paid up to M4,000

      Cover starts from M1, 000.00 for natural death and M4, 000.00 for accidental death.

·Free funeral cover of 1 month, subject to waiting period of 1 month.


·Age restriction: 18 – 70

·Previous month qualification covers you for the next month cover

1.March transactions cover you for April etc

·1 month waiting period applies at commencement of cover

·Cover lapses immediately

1.Meaning if one does not qualify for the next month their cover will lapse at the end of that month

2.Subscriber will serve 1 month waiting period again if their lapses in a certain month


To opt in subscriber has to follow the following steps:

1.Dial *228#

2.Select “yes” to give permission for your information to be shared with insurance company

3.Enter beneficiaries first name

4.Enter beneficiary’s Surname

5.Enter beneficiary’s date of birth (in this format ddmmyyyy e,g )

6.Enter beneficiary’s phone number (8 digits)

7.Enter your relation with beneficiary (e.g mother/Father/brother etc)

8.Confirm your beneficiary details

What happens after opting in?

1.Subscriber receives confirmation SMS which includes beneficiary details

2.Shortly, Subscriber receives monthly target via SMS

3.Upon qualification subscriber receives SMS notification that they qualify. The SMS will also include period of cover and expiry date.



1.Dials *228#

2.Selects opt-Out

Subscriber will receive confirmation SMS


1.Subscriber will go to Vodacom Shop to report death and to claim.

a.Completed electronic claim forms to be submitted to Alliance together with the following supporting documents:

-A copy of ID or a recognized form of identification ( e.g. Passport copy) of the deceased.

-A death certificate (in the case of death).

-A police report in the case of accidental deaths.

-Mortuary certificate

b.Payments are in 48hrs after submission of full documents.

c.Claims will be paid via M-Pesa only

1.Terms and Conditions

a.Cover is subject to waiting period of 1 month

b.Cover lapses if subscriber does not qualify for it and the subscriber will be subject to waiting period if they qualify in the next month.

c.Only the subscriber who opted in is eligible to be covered

d.The registered names on M-Pesa will be regarded as your true names. If your names have changed contact call centre on 114 for required documents and submit them to the nearest Vodacom Shop

e.Cover is not transferable

f.Definitions below apply

g.General M-Pesa terms and conditions still apply

h.Call 114 for any queries


2.1“Member/Client” is a Vodacom subscriber who has been nominated to receive the free Vodacom funeral cover reward; and who is above the age of 18 years of age and not older than 70 years of age as at the Member’s Last Scheme Entry Date; and whose cover has been confirmed; and in whose name the policy is issued.

2.2 “Life Assured” – The Member.

2.3 “Accident” - Any specific event, occurring at an identifiable time and place, that is unplanned, unexpected and violent; resulting from unforeseen and unintentional external circumstances and resulting in death.

2.4 “Beneficiary” - The Person or Individual nominated by the Member to receive benefits payable under this Policy in respect of a claim.

2.5 “Scheme” – Vodacom Loyalty Funeral Scheme.

2.6 “Vodacom” – Vodacom Lesotho, a limited liability public company duly incorporated in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

2.7 “Intermediary” – shall be a licensed insurance broker where applicable and to the extent that the “Intermediary” facilitates the provision of the insurance cover to the Scheme.

2.8 “Spouse” is a person married to the Member by civil law or tribal custom and shall include Common Law Spouse of the Main Member.

2.9 “Age” – The method for determining a Member’s Age shall be to calculate Actual Age, which is also referred to as Age Last Birthday.

2.10“Commencement Date” the date on which Alliance first issued this Policy of Insurance to the Scheme.

2.11 “Member First Scheme Entry Date” the effective date on which the Member was first awarded funeral cover under this Scheme and shall be recorded as the date of confirmation of cover to the Member.

2.12 “Member Last Scheme Entry Date” – The most recent confirmation of cover date for a Member who has been awarded funeral cover under the Scheme.


All subscribers of Vodacom who have been nominated for Membership of the Scheme by Vodacom, and who are above the age of 18 years of age and not older than 70 years of age as at the Member’s Last Scheme Entry Date, are eligible for insurance cover.

The qualifying criteria for nomination to become a Member of the Scheme shall be formulated by Vodacom (it is at the discretion of Vodacom and may change from time to time).

A Member may be covered only once at a time on this Scheme


No medical evidence is required in order to be eligible for the Plan.


The cover is subject to a waiting period of 1 month. The waiting period shall resume from Member’s first effective date of cover.

Death as a result of suicide is covered provided that the claim incident occurs at least 12 months from the Member’s first date of cover.


In the event of death, the benefit will be paid to the Beneficiary as nominated by the Member on application or amendment. If no beneficiary is nominated, the benefit will be paid to the Spouse, or if claimed by any other person, to such other person, subject to proof of relationship to the deceased Member.

If there is any dispute as to who is entitled to receive a benefit in respect of this policy, the decision of the Insurer in consultation with Vodacom shall prevail.


9.1. Claim Notification period

Claims will need to be submitted to Vodacom within 12 months of the deceased’s date of death in order for the claim to be valid.

9.2. Conditions for payment of benefits

Benefits will only be payable while the policy (cover) is still active

Cover will cease on expiry of 60 days from the Member’s First Scheme Entry Date for first time Members (i.e. 1 month waiting period + 1 month of insurance cover), and 1 month from the Member’s Last cover Entry Date for Members re-joining the Scheme.

9.3. Lapse and Reinstatement

The member policy will lapse, and no further benefit will be payable if 1 month elapse from the effective date from which cover became active.

9.4. Cession

Benefits under these policies may not be ceded, assigned or pledged as security in any way.

9.5. Currency

Benefits are expressed and payable in the legal tender of Lesotho.

9.6. Fraud

If any claim under this policy is deemed to be fraudulent in any manner through wilful or fraudulent acts or, omissions and/or acts of dishonesty of the Main Member and/or the deceased Life Assured and/or the nominated beneficiary; the underlying benefits will be forfeited, the policy shall be cancelled.

9.7. Exclusions

The insurer will not be liable for any claim arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of: War, Invasion, Act of foreign enemy, Hostilities, Civil war, Military or usurped power, the effects of radioactivity or nuclear explosion, Accidental death as a result of riot, private flying, hazardous sports or illegal acts by the Life Insured and Suicide happening within 12 months from the Member’s First Scheme Entry Date.

9.8. Jurisdiction

The laws of Lesotho, whose courts shall have jurisdiction in any dispute arising hereunder, will govern this policy.

9.9. Territorial limits

The plan provides cover for persons residing within the borders of Lesotho and who, if not permanent residents, are working on a legal working permit for a period of six months or longer.

Cover is also provided to all Lesotho citizens irrespective of their country of residence.