Introducing M-Pesa Point Of Sale

Overview: M-Pesa POS is not just a technological innovation, it’s a social innovation!

In an effort to improve the experience of our M-Pesa merchants and customers, we are happy to introduce M-Pesa Point of sale (POS), an easy and simple payment process where customers can now make payments using their M-Pesa account in a completely seamless, worry free and secure manner.

This new way of making payments only requires customers to enter their M-Pesa PIN to confirm their transaction, making it faster and easier for customers and merchants to make and receive cashless payments.

To make a payment, a merchant will key in the payment amount and the customer’s M-Pesa account number into their POS device, after which the customer will receive a pop-up message prompting them to key in their PIN to validate and conclude the payment. This cuts down the steps involved to one quick and easy step from the customer. In addition, this new innovation will reduce errors that occur when payments are made to unintended merchant till numbers.