What can I do with my M-Pesa

Send money to a registered customer

Simple as moving the cash in your wallet into a friend’s wallet, except it is simpler because you do not have to be in the same place this time, sheer magic

Step 1

Dial *111# to access My phone menu

Step 2

Select option 4

Step 3

Select Option 2

Step 4

Choose option 1

Step 5

Enter Cell number of the person you wish to send money

Step 6

Enter Amount you wish to send

Step 7

Enter payment reference of your choice, e.g. your name

Step 8

Enter your 4 digit PIN

You will immediately receive an SMS “you have successfully sent M**.00 M-Pesa to *cell number*, your balance is now M**.00”

*Please note that minimum transaction amount is M10.00

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