Hey, what's good? Are you between 16 and 25?

Then you and your squad can get the plug on exclusive bundles and freshest rewards! 

    Now fam, are you ready to take it to the NXT LVL?


NXT LVL This is your Time

NXT LVL (pronounced as ‘Next Level’) is a youth platform EXCLUSIVELY for customers aged 16-25 years old. The NXT LVL platform provides packages at affordable rates for the youth. The Youth need reasonably priced and relatable products and that they have some form of



Use your LEVELS for Data, Voice and SMS

1 LEVEL = 1 MB or 1 Minute or 1 SMS

Control over spend. Youth are free to choose from exciting and products developed specifically for them. #THISISYOURTIME

Wanna share more moments with your squad? Well say no more we got you. Get exclusive offers just for being part of NXT LVL. To register Dial *111# 


NXT LVL Benefits

NXT LVL Benefits


Purchasing Bundles


 Purchasing Bundles
 Cost Number Of Bundles
NXT LVL 10M310
NXT LVL 30M630
NXT LVL 75M975
NXT LVL 80M1580



1.    What are Bundle levels?

 -    Levels are the NXT LVL currency. These are points that are used to build your own bundle

-    This currency is time bound, they don’t stay in your phone forever they have validity periods

2.    Kind of Bundle Levels are available?

            -    Daily

            -    Weekly

3.    Can I keep levels for as long as I want?

-    No, once you have purchased daily bundle levels, you have 24 hours to create your bundle

-    Once you have purchased weekly levels, customers have 7 days to create your bundle

4.    I bought 10 levels for M3, to get my bundle do I need to redeem ALL my levels in one go?

-    No, you can choose to redeem 3 out of 10 levels now and come back later as you have 24 hours before the levels expire

5.    My levels expired before I could redeem, can I get a refund?

            -    No, levels need to be redeemed.

6.    I want to redeem levels on only voice do I HAVE to get data?

-    No, you have the freedom to build your own bundle, if you don’t want data or SMS simply type ‘0’ and you will get no data and no sms.

7.    Once I redeem, how long are the bundles valid for?

            -    The daily bundles are valid for 24 hours

            -    The weekly bundles are valid for 7 days including day of purchase

8.    I have 10 levels, I chose to redeem only 8 now. 23 hours later I buy 10 more I now have a total of 12. How long as my levels valid for?

-    The 10 more will have a 24hr period, so it will be 24hours + 1 hour from the other levels.

9.    How do I check my bundle balances? Don’t see it when I dial *100#

-    Your NXT LVL balances available in NXT LVL, it will give you a full breakdown of what you need to check


CostSocial LevelsTotal Data

250MB WhatsApp

250MB Twitter

250MB Facebook


500MB Insagram

500MB YouTube


1GB WhatsApp

1GB Twitter

1GB Facebook

1GB Instagram

1GB YouTube



Not registered yet for NXT LVL?


Dial *111# and take your swag to the NXT LVL  #TIYT