What is Just4You?

Just 4 You provides customers with personalised offers. It gives customers the opportunity to decide which bundle they would like to purchase which speaks directly towards their spending habits. 

When will Just4You be available? 

The offer will be available from 17 October 2016 

Just4You is available to Prepaid Customers (Prepaid Per second, Prepaid Bua, Prepaid anytime) . Hybrid/Top-Up Customers. 

The process work as follows: 

        The customer can purchase Just 4 You offers from *121# and *111#  

Just 4 You offers have different validity periods as follows:

A. Hourly (3 and 6 hours)

B. Daily

C. 5 Days (120 hours)

D. 7 Days (168 hours)


How do I buy Just4You offers? 


Customers can buy Just4You from *121# & *111#

1. Check Offers



1. M2 for 12 VCL to VCL minutes for 3 hours*

2.M2 for 10MB for 3 hours*

3.M15 for 81 VCL to VCL minutes for 5 days*

Just 4 You: enjoy 10MB for today at M3 for 3 hours 




Business Rules

      The following Business Rules will apply:

1. Just4 You will be available for all prepaid and top-up subscribers. 

2. Customers can access Just 4 You offers on *121# or *111#A. Hourly

3. The different offers may vary and change weekly dependent on user usage. The offers can have various validity periods as follows:


A. Hourly

- 3 Hour bundles & 6 Hour bundles 

B. Daily Bundles 

C. 5 Days (120 Hours) 

D. 7 Days (168 hours)


4. Just 4 You Daily Bundles expire 24 hours after purchase.

5. Once a customer has purchased the offer, there are no reversals. At no time can the offer be converted to airtime credit.

6. Prepaid customers migrating to different prepaid tariff plans vie Free Change will carry over their data and voice bundles.

7. Prepaid/Top-Up customers converting to contract will forfeit any remaining data and voice bundles at the time of conversion.

8. The offers can be purchased from existing subscriber airtime.

9. A subscriber can purchase multiple Just 4 You offers at a time HOWEVER a customer cannot purchase multiple hourly bundles.

10. Just 4 You offers cannot be transferred.

11. Once the purchased offer has depleted or expired, applicable out of bundle rates apply.

12. All voice bundles call on-net numbers only.

13. Order of consumption will be as follows:



a. Just4You 3 hours

b. Just4You 6 hours

c. Daily CVM Rewards

d. Daily Bought Bundles

e. Daily Just4You Bundles

f. Just4You 5 Days (120 hours)

g. Weekly CVM Reward

h. Weekly Bought Bundles

i. Just4You Weekly (168 hours)

j. Out of bunlde



a. Social Media Bunldes

b. Power Hour

c. Just4You 3 hours

d. Just4You 6 hours

e. Daily CVM Rewards

f. Daily Bought Bundles

g. Daily Just4You Bundles

h. Just4You 5 Days (120 hours)

i. Weekly CVM Reward

j. Weekly Bought Bundle

k. Just4You Weekly (168 hours)

l. Out of bundle