Prepaid anytime

Have the confidence to call at any time of day for a low fixed rate

  • Same tariffs all day
  • Per second billing rates
  • Suitable for users who make calls in both peak and off-peak periods

 Activating Voicemail

    Dial *111# on your device.


Visit your nearest Vodacom Centre

What is Prepaid Anytime?

A plan that offers same tariffs all day and it is suitable for users who make calls in both peak and off-peak periods. Prepaid Anytime is charged at per second billing rates.

Prepaid Anytime tariffs

Voice Calls Cost per minute
VCL to VCLM1.65
VCL to ETL  M1.65
VCL to SA Fixed M2.80 
VCL to SA Mobile M2.80 
SADC M3.30 
MessagingCost per SMS
Local / SA SMS  PeakM0.77
Local / SA SMS Off peakM0.25
To Rest of World

 DataCost per MB
Out of bundleM1.25  

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