About Roaming

Stay connected when travelling

  • Stay connected and continue receiving and making callswhile abroad
  • Keep your Vodacom Lesotho number

Activating Roaming

Dial 1182 from your device


Terms & conditions apply

What is Roaming?

  • A term used to describe the ability of a phone/mobile device to connect to a network of a different operator in a foreign country.
  • You can make or receive calls & SMS’s as well as make use of data while logged onto a network in a visited country.
  • Access to USSD (*100#, *111#, *100*01*recharge pin#) is also available while roaming.


Roaming cost implications?

  • Roaming costs are significantly higher than local charges.
  • While roaming, free minutes, data bundles, blackberry services do not apply. Any services used are charged directly from your voice account.
  • Incoming calls are charged at the rate the subscriber would be charged to call the destination locally on their particular package (except for Africa Roaming networks).

How does it work?

  • Your phone can either be on automatic or manual network selection mode.
  • If your phone is on automatic selection, you will log on to a network with the strongest signal.
  • If your phone is on manual selection, you will have to select a network of your choice depending on which ones Vodacom Lesotho has roaming agreements with.
  • Sometimes, your phone may not pick up signal immediately so you may have to reboot & manually select a network.
  • Prepaid subscribers must purchase their airtime vouchers before they leave.
  • Currently, prepaid subscribers (including Top Up subscribers) can only roam on Vodacom South Africa.
  • When dialling a number while roaming, include the country code of the destination you are calling.

How do I activate it?

  • Activating roaming is free of charge.
  • For prepaid subscribers, dial 1182 & follow the voice prompts.
  • For postpaid subscribers, a written request is required using one of the following 3 methods:

    1. Send an email to creditctrl@vodacom.co.ls.
    2. Go to your closest Vodacom Centre and fill in a request form.
    3. Write a letter addressed to Credit Control.

What to do before leaving for your destination:

  • Contact call centre/nearest Vodacom Centre to find out firstly if we have roaming agreements with any network in the country you are visiting. Secondly to find out which particular networks we have the roaming service with. You may have to do a manual selection for the specific ones as your roaming service will not work with any other network except ones we have roaming agreements with. Thirdly, to find out if we have also launched data roaming with any network in the country you are visiting (should you require the service).
  • Contact call centre/nearest Vodacom Centre to confirm that your roaming service is activated before leaving for your destination.

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