5G Internet

What is it?

Vodacom announced that it has launched Africa’s first standards-based commercial 5G network in Lesotho on 3.5GHz spectrum.

Vodacom also announced that, in another first in South Africa, has deployed the same 5G standards-based, commercial-ready network in South Africa though commercial availability is subject to the availability of 3.5GHz spectrum.

How does it work? 

       Vodacom Lesotho has launched the service with two leading clients in the Banking and Minisng Industries.

       Vodacom Lesotho is gearing towards making 5G widely available to customers as 5G capable devices become more accessible to the public.

       Vodacom Lesotho will demonstrate our 5G technology capabilities on 06 September to industry and stakeholders

       Once 5G devices are more readily available, Vodacom Lesotho will publish a coverage map of all areas covered by 5G.

Feature & Benefits

       Broadband speeds that can reach and exceed 1Gbps.

       Very low latency, required for new generation services.

       More devices will be able to connect to 5G, supporting the expected explosion in the number of devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).


When will the service be available to customers?

Vodacom Lesotho’s 5G network is active and will expand in coverage as 5G capable devices are more readily available to customers in Lesotho.

Will customers with existing 4G devices be able to access the 5G network?

No, you will need a specific 5G compatible device.

What will the upload and download speeds be?

We are expecting download speeds in the order of one hundred megabits per second, up to gigabits per second.


What hardware will eventually be required to connect on commercially available 5G?

Customers will require a new 5G device. Initially, these devices will be similar to modems, otherwise known as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Shortly thereafter, we are expecting tablet and handheld type devices to be developed by various manufacturers.