Top-Up Flexi Plans

It's your plan your way.

Enjoy the benefits of our lower post paid rates with the convenience of recharging whenever you need to

Top-up Flexi 60

      Includes M60 Airtime

M60 p/m x 24


Top-up Flexi 120

      Includes M120 Airtime

M120 p/m x 24



Top-up Flexi 180 

Includes M180 Airtime

M180 p/m x 24              


Top-up Flexi 300

     Includes M300 Airtime

M300 p/m x 24


Top-up Flexi 500

    Includes M500 Airtime

M500 p/m x 24


Top-Up Flexi Rates

Price Plan

Top Up 60

Top Up 120

Top Up 180

Top Up 300

Top Up 500

Time Band

Voice (ANAT) Per min


 Voice (ANAT) Per min
Voice (ANAT) Per min
Voice (ANAT) Per min
Voice (ANAT) Per min
VCL to VCLM1.90
 M1.90  M1.80 M1.80
VCL to ETLM1.90
 M1.90 M1.80 M1.80
VCL to SA FixedM3.95 
  M3.95  M3.95 M3.95
VCL to SA Mobile M2.55
 M2.55 M2.55M2.55
 MTN & Telkom SA
 M3.95 M3.95 M3.95 M3.95 M3.95
 SMS Local
 M0.50 M0.50M0.50
 M0.50 M0.50

Enjoy prepaid benefits with your Top-up plan

Free change

Flexibility to migrate from one Prepaid package to another.

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Airtime transfer

Recharge another number from your airtime.

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Airtime advance

Loan Airtime, pay it back on next recharge

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