Daily Roaming Bundles

Affordable bundles when travelling in South Africa

  • Valid while Roaming on Vodacom South Africa
  • Integrated calling, SMSs and Data

Purchasing Roaming Bundles

Dial * 111# from your phone and follow the voice prompts.

Daily Integrated Bundles

Daily Roaming Bundles
Image Daily Roaming Bundles

Daily Data Bundles                                                             Out of Bundle Charge / MB

40MB                                     M10.00                                                                           Prepaid Anytime          Prepaid Per Second         Prepaid Bua
                                                                                                                                     1.25                             0.5                                   0.25
75MB                                     M15.00

More about the bundles

  • Bundle purchases & balance checks can be done on *111#.
  • The Bundles expire at midnight on the day of purchase.
  • They are only available to Prepaid & Top Up subscribers roaming on Vodacom South Africa.
  • Africa Roaming rates are applicable when subscriber goes out of bundle.
  • Depletion messages/notifications are sent when:

  - 2 calling minutes are remaining
  - 3 MB of data remaining

  •  Calling minutes applicable to Vodacom South Africa, MTN  and Vodacom Lesotho

How to use integrated Roaming bundles

  • Minutes in the bundle allocation are applicable to local calls (in South Africa) & calls back home (to Lesotho) only.
  • International calls are charged out of bundle.
  • SMS in the bundle can be sent to any destination
  • Voice calls are charged on a per minute basis.

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