Bundles available

For prepaid subscribers:

The data bundles will be available to prepaid & top-up subscribers & will be purchased on *111#. These bundles will expire at 23:59:59 on the day of purchase. However, data bundles will only be available to subscribers roaming on Vodacom SA.


Charge (M)

Allocation (MB)

In-Bundle Rate (M)

Bundle 1
10 10 1.00 
Bundle 215 20  0.75

For post-paid subscribers:


On this data offer, post-paid subscribers will be charged M25 per month. This will enable them to use data at a charge of M1.25 per MB while roaming on Vodacom SA for the whole month in which the amount is paid. Subscribers will be able to opt-in to this offering through *111#. 


Business Rules

1.     The prepaid & top-up (hybrid) proposition will consist of the following two bundles;

o    10MB for M10

o    20MB for M15

2.     The bundles are daily bundles & therefore expire at 23:59:59 on the day of purchase.

3.     The post-paid proposition is subscription-based, where customers are charged M25 per month for the ability to use data at a cost of M1.25/MB while roaming.

4.     Both prepaid and post-paid propositions can be purchased on *111#.

5.     Roaming data bundles only work when the subscriber is roaming on the Vodacom SA network.

6.     Low threshold message is triggered when the subscriber has 3MB remaining from the bundle allocation, and a depletion message when 0MB is reached.

7.     Customers can check their bundle balance summary on *111#.

8.      Africa Roaming rate of M5 per MB will be applicable when the subscriber goes out of bundle.


9.     Bundles offers are available on both buy for myself & buy for others option on *111#.

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