M-Pesa LEC 10 Free Minutes

What is the LEC 10 free minutes

The Pay LEC via M-Pesa is a promotion to encourage customers to Pay LEC using M-Pesa this winter. Every first LEC transaction will immediately be rewarded with 10 FREE minutes

The promotion will run from the 22nd May 2018 – 31st August 2018.

Who is the promotion available to?

           The offer is open ONLY to Prepaid Vodacom customers who are registered M-Pesa users.

1. Customer pays LEC with M-Pesa for the first that month

2. Then immediately the customer will receive 10 free minutes.

How do I enter into the promotion?

You simply pay electricity using M-Pesa and you will get 10 FREE MINUTES with your first transaction of the month. The customer will receive free minutes once a month. Of which they will receive immediately.

How much will entering into the promotion cost me?

It will be normal paybill M-Pesa charges. There will be no additional costs to the customer. 

Business Rules

       1.     No minimum amount is attached for you to enter the promotion.

      2.    Only Prepaid Vodacom M-Pesa registered customers are eligible.

      3.    Customer is given 10 FREE minutes for the 1st electricity transaction every month.

      4.    Customer will be rewarded once each month of the promotion

      5.     22nd May 2018 – 31st Augustl 2018

      6.     Only customers who pay LEC with M-Pesa are eligible for entering the monthly promotion

      7.    10 Free daily minutes , expire 23:59:59 same day of purchase, Local VCL to VCL calls only

Vodacom staff, interns, contractors are not eligible for entry.