Play & Win Everyday

What is Play & Win?

The Vodacom Play & Win Every Day Summer competition/Campaign offers Vodacom Pre-paid, Hybrid & Post-paid subscribers the opportunity to participate by playing to win a variety of rewards.

Subscribers are required to Opt-In, Buy a Voice or Data bundle for M5 or more via USSD/MyVodacom App/M-Pesa or Pay a bill via M-Pesa for M20 or more to qualify for a Free Play & Win a GUARANTEED prize. The prizes and Plays expire daily and there is no limit to the number of times a subscriber can play.

A subscriber can also purchase a play directly for M1.00 deducted from subscribers sufficient airtime balance.

Prizes to be Won:  Daily Voice & Data Bundles, Weekly Travel Vouchers, Daily Smartphones, Daily Shopping Vouchers, Weekly M-Pesa Cash Prizes  & Monthly Grand Cash Prize


Play & Win Everyday will run from 19th November 2018 to 31st January 2019

How To Enter?

Dial *777#.

      1.     Select option 1 to opt-in.

      2.     An SMS will be sent for Opt-in Confirmation.

      3.     A subscriber then purchases a Bundle (USSD, M-pesa or VCL App for M5+ or pay-bill with M-Pesa for M20+ for a free play to be allocated.

      4.     To play: Dial *777# and select

a.     1 to play

b.    2 Play for  M1.00

c.     3 to view available plays

d.    4 View Prizes Won

e.     5 to Opt-Out

A subscriber can also purchase a play from this menu and the system will automatically play for them immediately.

Business Rules

1. All prepaid / hybrid and postpaid customers are eligible for the campaign


·         Customers will receive a play when a bundle from M5 and above is purchased on USSD/M-Pesa.

·         Customers will receive 2 plays when a bundle from M5 and above is purchased on MyVodacom App.

·         Customers will receive a play when they pay a Bill greater than M20 on M-Pesa

3. Customers will be able to purchase extra Plays at M1 per Play. No Limit to the plays per day

4. All plays will expire at Midnight  on the day of allocation

5. All plays will have an equal probability of winning a prize

7. A prize will dynamically be selected when a customer initiates a play

8. The voice and Data allocation prizes will be reset on a daily basis and updated in the relevant system by means of a csv file in the following format

·         MSISDN

·         Prize description (Data/Voice)

·         Allocation

·         Expiry

If the file is not provided in time, then the previous file must revert

9. Each prize can be won only a certain number of times per day as per the reward file, therefore if the prize for the specific day has been allocated the maximum number of times, then it may not be allocated again for the rest of the day or until a new file is loaded

10. Prizes will be dynamically selected when a customer initiates a play.

·         Customer plays play everyday

·         1 offer randomly selected

·         Check if max number of wins have been reached

·         If max number of wins have been reached then execute step 2 again

·         Continue until prize with available wins are selected

·         Inform customer and provision prize

11. Customer must be able to view a history of prizes from the USSD menu and from the Vodacom app