Caller Identity

See who’s calling you before you choose to answer

Caller identity
  • See the number of the person calling you
  • Manage and screen your calls
  • Identify the caller if that number is saved in your phone’s contacts list

Interested in Caller Identity?

    Dial *111# on your device.




Visit your nearest Vodacom Centre

What is Caller Identity?

  • Caller Identity is an easy way to manage incoming calls by seeing the caller’s number on your cellphone screen unless they’re using a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app
  • You will not see the number if the caller has chosen to hide it, even if you have Caller Identity active on your account

Why should I get Caller Identity?

Screen your calls

View the number, even if it’s not saved on your phone, and then decide if you would like to answer the call.

Be safe

Choose not to respond to numbers that you are unsure about.

Identify your caller

Know exactly who’s calling you if their name and number is saved in your cellphone’s contacts list.

How much does Caller Identity cost?

Caller ID is free

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