Airtime advance

Out of airtime? Get an advance & pay it back the next time you recharge

  • Receive airtime in advance and pay for it later
  • Stay connected and continue making calls

Interested in Airtime Advance?

Dial *111#


Terms & conditions apply

What is Airtime Advance?

The pre-paid airtime advance is a self-service option that allows Vodacom prepaid customers to receive airtime in advance and pay for it later. This means that customers can get access to emergency airtime when they really need it most.

It is like the customer is getting a loan, get airtime now and pay later. The benefit of this service is that customers can stay connected and continue making calls when they are unable to recharge or buy more airtime.

Who is airtime advance available to?

All Prepaid and Top Up customers who:

 Have been on the Vodacom’s network for a minimum period of 3 months prior to the date of request for a pre-paid airtime advanc

 Have recharged with a minimum of M20 per month on average for the last 3 months

 Have re-paid any prior airtime advances and Service Fee (in the case of a returning customer)

How much does Airtime Advance cost?

Every time the customer makes use of the service, they will be charged a R1 service fee.

Please refer to the table below to see which airtime advances the customer can apply for:

Transaction range
Airtime Purchase fees

M5- M9.99

M10- M50M1.50    
M501-M1000 M7.59   

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