Video Play

Watch buffer-free videos with no megabytes needed.

- Great value - much cheaper than video streaming

- Always in control - pay for what you use with the transparent video minutes, not data

- High quality - enjoy buffer - free video experience

How does Video Play work?

1. Download the Video Play App

           From  the app store on your phone, to browse a wide variety of videos available.

       2. Buy a video bundle

           and pay only for what you watch. Bundles are based on minutes  - not on megabytes - so you have full control over your costs.

      3. Tag the videos you want to watch

           and send them to your download queue. Video play will then manage the download of the content to your device and make it available for viewing. You can play downloaded videos as many times as you like with no extra charges.

What can I watch?

Video Play gives Vodacom customers a quality, buffer-free video experience at a price that makes sense. 

This app allows you to discover and download music videos from South African, African and International artists as well as a range of shows, series and kids programs from producers such as Urban Brew, and breaking news from eNCA. Video Play is FREE-to-browse so there are no data or minute charges for video searches. Keep up with the latest soapies and series, watch your favourite music videos as many times as you like, catch up on the best goals from our sports section, or just learn something new from one of our entertaining lifestyle videos. 

Your videos will not be available to watch immediately but will download within a few hours.

How much does it cost?

To download videos within the app, buy a bundle of video minutes and pay only for what you download. Downloaded content is based on minutes - not megabytes - so you have control over your cost. For example, a 30-minute bundle costs M5. This means that you can download and watch 30 minutes of video for only M5! The below are the bundles available within the application:

M5 for 30 minutes

M1 for 5 minutes

M0.99 for one music video

Bundles are valid for 30 days.