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Calling services


• Your phone can be your personal assistant
• Have your callers record voice messages if they can’t reach you
• More control at your fingertips

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a convenient service that ensures you never miss important messages even when you’re not able to pick up your phone by storing your voice messages whenever you are not available, so that you can listen to them later.


How do I activate voicemail?

  1. Dial 133
  2. Follow the voice prompts
  3. You will be notified via SMS whenever someone leaves you a voice message


Missed calls notification

• Do not miss important calls
• Take a chance to get back to your callers
• More control at your fingertips


What is Missed Call Notification?

An automated SMS notificaton that informs you of calls missed while your phone was unavailable.

This service informs you of the following:

  1. The calls you missed while your phone was not available (i.e. while switched off or out of coverage)
  2. Frequency of the missed calls and time at which they were missed (i.e. if you missed a  call from one number 10 times, it will show as missed 10 times)

Call divert

• Let your callers find you every time
• Set up an alternative number to be reached at when your original number is not available
• More control at your fingertips

What is Call Divert?

A service that anables one to forward their calls to an alternative number


How do I setup this service?

Call divert set up is done on the phone using your phone menu.  This varies from phone to phone depending on the phone model.


When activating Call Divert in your phone menu, choose your preferred option:

  1. Divert when busy
  2. Divert when no reply
  3. Divert when not reachable

Please call me

• Give them a nudge
• Never be stranded
• More control at your fingertips

What is Please Call Me?

A service that allows you to send upto 10 free messages per day to other VCL subscribers, requesting them to call you back - even when you have insufficient airtime.


How do I send a Please Call Me message?


You can send a Please Call Me message by doing one of the following:

Dial *140*#, e.g. *140*5885XXXX#


Caller identity

• See the number of the person calling you
• Manage and screen your calls

What is Caller Identity?

• Caller Identity is an easy way to manage incoming calls by seeing the caller’s number on your cellphone screen unless they’re using a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app

• You will not see the number if the caller has chosen to hide it, even if you have Caller Identity active on your account.


Why should I get Caller Identity?

Screen your calls

View the number, even if it’s not saved on your phone, and then decide if you would like to answer the call.


Be safe

Choose not to respond to numbers that you are unsure about.


Identify your caller

Know exactly who’s calling you if their name and number is saved in your cellphone’s contacts list.


How much does Caller Identity cost?

Caller ID is free


Ring back tones

• Pick your sound from our wide variety music library
• Customize caller tunes

What is Meloli (Ring Back Tones)?

Allows you to set your preferred song for your caller to listen to while calling you.