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SIM Registration

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The Communications (Subscriber Identity Module) Regulations as published in the Government Gazette on the 24th December, 2021 requires subscribers of telecommunications services to register their SIM cards.

You only need a valid National ID card.

Every SIM card user including minors is expected to register their SIM card. A parent or guardian shall be required to be present alongside the minor with the following documents: ID card, the original birth certificate of the minor or adoption document, including a chiefs’ letter where formal adoption papers do not exist.

You can register at your nearest Vodacom Center and at identified registration sites.

 A subscriber may register any number of SIM cards with any telecommunications company.

No, at the current moment there is no online registration

After the 24th June 2023, all unregistered active SIM cards will be deactivated.

You will not be charged for SIM card registration; it is free of charge.

Proxy Registration is permitted only for the following groups:

  • Minors (under the age of 18);
  • People with disabilities
  • People aged 70 and above.
    To register for people with disabilities and people aged 70 and above, the proxy is required to bring along their national ID card, and chief’s letter or power of attorney or an affidavit confirming his or her appointment as proxy and the circumstances justifying the need for proxy; and ID document of the subscriber for whom they stand proxy.

 Registration of SIM cards will start on the 24th of June 2022.

For more information
Visit your nearest Vodacom center or call 114