Vodacom Lesotho

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Voice bundles

You can call anyone on any local network for less with All Net Calling Bundles.
Dial *111*4# for options that suit your pocket.

Daily bundles

The cheapest way to call all local networks in Lesotho

Network Price(M) Allocation (Min)
ALL-NET 3.00 6
ALL-NET 5.00 12
ALL-NET 9.00 25

Weekly bundles

Get up to 200 minutes valid for a

Network Price(M) Allocation (Min)
ALL-Net 18.00 60
ALL-Net 30.00 110
ALL-Net 50.00 200

Monthly bundles

Get 1400 minutes valid for a

Network Price(M) Allocation (Min)
ALL-NET 200.00 1400