Small Biz Spotlight Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

VODACOM BUSINESS #SmallBizSpotLight CAMPAIGN Terms & Conditions 1 C2 General Vodacom Business #SmallBizSpotLight (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”) is a Vodacom Lesotho marketing campaign which shall apply the Terms and Conditions outlined hereunder.

  1. Organizer of the Campaign

1.1 VODACOM LESOTHO (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “VODACOM”)

1.2 Address: VODACOM Park, 585 Mabile Road, P.O. Box 7387, Maseru 100, Lesotho

  1. Name of the Campaign

2.1 “#SmallBizSpotLight”

  1. Location


  1. Duration of the Campaign

4.1 The Campaign will run from the 27 August 2021 (being the first day) to the 1st December 2021 (last day inclusive).

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

5.1 By participating in this Campaign, all entrants warrant that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions which are available on the VODACOM website at and VODACOM retail shops.

5.2 By participating in the Campaign, entrants confirm their acceptance and full understanding of the Terms and Conditions and agree to receive SMS communication from VODACOM on their mobile phones relating to the Campaign

5.3 VODACOM reserves the right to cancel or amend the Campaign and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be made available on the VODACOM website at and VODACOM retail shops.

5.4 These Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of the Campaign (including temporary suspensions hereof for operational reasons, e.g. for repairs, planned network maintenance or upgrades).

  1. Eligibility to Participate in the Campaign

6.1 The following persons are eligible to participate in the Campaign:

6.1.1 Small business owners (whether company or sole proprietor) who own a registered Small Business except those specifically excluded under article 6.2 below. For purposes of this Campaign, a small business shall have a staff complement of 1-25 employees at the time of participation.

6.1.2 Natural persons above 18 years of age

6.1.3 Eligible business shall also meet the criteria outlined under 8.3 of these Terms and Conditions.VODACOM BUSINESS #SmallBizSpotLight CAMPAIGN Terms & Conditions 2 C2 General

6.2 Excluded persons

The following persons are excluded from participating in the Campaign:

6.2.1 Employees of VODACOM

6.2.2 Immediate family members of the above, being parents, spouses, siblings, and children. Immediate family does NOT include in-laws, close relatives such as cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces, grandparents, and other extended family members.

6.2.3 Employees of Suppliers contracted and/or outsourced by VODACOM or directly collaborating with VODACOM to provide services under this Campaign.

6.2.4 Non-citizens of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

6.3 VODACOM reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any provision of the Terms and Conditions.

6.4 By participating in the Campaign, entrants hereby warrant that all information submitted is true, current and complete.

  1. Availability and accessibility of information

7.1 All information pertaining to the Campaign shall be published on the VODACOM website at and any queries relating thereto shall be submitted to the call center at 114.

7.2 VODACOM shall not release personal information about participants of the Campaign to third parties unless required to do so in compliance with the governing law.

  1. Campaign Mechanics

8.1 The Campaign is open to all citizens of Lesotho and businesses registered under the Laws of Lesotho except the categories expressly excluded under clause 6.2.

8.2 Vodacom reservesthe right to verify the ownership and eligibility of the persons and businesses that have submitted applications

8.3 To participate in the Campaign, owners of small businesses shall register their businesses companies by e-mailing the following documents to;

  1. a) Certified copies of Certificate of incorporation (in the case of a company), Traders License and Tax Clearance certificates
  2. b) Valid identity document of business owner
  3. c) Business profile highlighting core business, number of employees and contact details of the principal contact person i.e Telephone/mobile phone & e-mail contact details
  4. d) Proof of Online and/or social media business details e.g website URL, Facebook & Instagram accounts handles
  5. e) A narrative (story) on how the business has navigated the Covid-19 pandemic not exceeding 500 words). The story to cover detailing:
  • How Covid-19 has affected the business since the start of the Pandemic to date
  • Lessons learnt the effects of Covid-19 for the business sustainability
  • How the business is adapting to the new norm?
  • How Vodacom can support the business through its product offering to adapt to the new norm

8.4 Participation in the Campaign shall be free. There will be no registration /entry fee

8.5 All submitted applications will be evaluated by Vodacom to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria

8.6 Only one entry shall be allowed per each participant /business

8.7 Vodacom will select 10 small businesses/winners who meet the criteria under 8.3 and whose stories are compelling as judged by Vodacom in its discretion.

8.8 The winners will be published on VODACOM's media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

  1. Prizes

9.1 Prizes shall include a social media marketing boost where VODACOM shall advertise each winning business on its social media pages. The marketing boost shall be for a period of one week for each business at no cost to the business.

9.2 Free Uncapped Platinum BusinessInternet Access(BIA) package for 3 months as outlined below;

Package Speed 12 months 24 Months
Platinum Uncapped 15 Mbps M2, 299.00 M1,799.00

9.3 Winners are at liberty to take up the contract with VODACOM or not to continue with the service at the end of the free period. Where they elect to continue with the service, they shall be required to pay for the internet usage for the duration of the contract.

9.4 Winners shall also be eligible to attend a Business seminar organized and fully paid for by Vodacom Lesotho. Winners shall be however being liable for transport and lodging costs to the seminar. The Seminar shall take place in Maseru during the Campaign period.

9.5 Prizesshall not be transferable.

  1. Notices and Redemption of Prizes

10.1 All winners may be contacted by VODACOM via SMS, e-mail and/or a phone call to their MSISDN number used to participate in the Campaign.

10.2 Winners who are NOT contactable may be removed from the selected list and an alternative small business selected on the same basis described above.

10.4 The selected winners shall have their businesses included in any photoshoot or video shoot for advertising of Vodacom Lesotho products and services post the Campaign.

  1. Limitation of liability

11.1 VODACOM accepts no responsibility whatsoever including without limitation, any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure when it is not under its direct control and execution.

11.2 By entering the Campaign, entrants agree that no claim relating to such losses or injuries (including special, indirect and consequential losses) shall be asserted against VODACOM, its parent companies, affiliates, directors, officers, employees or agents from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind resulting from acceptance or user of any prize, including without limitation, personal injuries, death and property damage.

  1. Disclaimer of warranties

12.1 Participants understand and agree that they participate in this Campaign at their own risk and willingness and have not been coerced in any manner to enter.

12.2 Participants understand and agree that seminar is provided for general information purposes and only intended to capacitate the winners. It will not constitute technical, financial, legal or any other type of advice which they should not be relied on for any purposes and therefore no liability shall attach to VODACOM in relation to their use of the same.

12.3 VODACOM makes no warranty, implied or express, that any part of the Campaign will be uninterrupted and error-free.

12.4 Neither VODACOM nor any of its directors, employees, agents or suppliers shall accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrant participating in the Campaign or as a result of accepting the prize.

12.5 VODACOM is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software failure of any email or entry to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet, telephone lines or at any web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to entrant's or any other person's computer or mobile telephone related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials associated with the Campaign .

  1. Data protection and Publicity

13.1 By participating in the Campaign, participants and/or winners give their consent to Vodacom to publish their data, including names, surnames, initials, photos, products, brand and video images on different media platforms in relation to the Campaign. To this end, finalist shall, sign a consent form giving clear, affirmative, and free consent to VODACOM for the use of such data for the said purpose.

13.2 By participating in the Campaign, winners agree that their data, including names, surnames, initials, photos and video images, can be used by VODACOM for advertising purposes having obtained consent from the customer and free of charge.

13.3 Personal data related to voice, image, names or address and any other relevant information obtained in connection with the Campaign will be used in a confidential manner and in line with the Vodacom Privacy Management Policy.

13.4 VODACOM will process the information provided in relation to this Campaign for the purposes of running this Campaign, to contact winners and to provide and tailor our products and services. VODACOM may use a participant's submission, names social media account and/or photos for promotional purposes including for display on our social media channels and other marketing materials.

  1. Suspension and termination of the Campaign

14.1 VODACOM reserves the right, whenever deemed necessary, to temporarily suspend the Campaign for operational reasons (e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades) and undertakes to restore same as soon as possible after any temporary suspension period.

14.2 Interruption or early termination of the Campaign shall not release VODACOM from its obligation to give out already awarded prizes and execute all other actions required to give effect to such except for the cases when termination or interruption of the Campaign resulted from actions or events which are not under VODACOM's control.

14.3 VODACOM shall notify subscribers of any termination or suspension of the Campaign

  1. Dispute Resolution

15.1 VODACOM'S decision in relation to these T& C's shall be final.

15.2 In any case of disagreement or disputes arising in connection with this Campaign, participants shall lodge their complaint with VODACOM for amicable resolution of the same through private good faith negotiations.

15.3 If the compliant and/or dispute is not resolved within fourteen (14) days of an attempt to resolve such, the aggrieved party shall lodge a complaint with the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) and shall further be at liberty to exercise any other rights or remedies in law.