Hey, what's good? Are you between 16 and 25?

Then you and your squad can get the plug on exclusive bundles and freshest rewards!

Now fam, are you ready to take it to the NXT LVL?

NXT LVL (pronounced a "Next Level") is a youth platform EXCLUSIVELY for customers aged 16-25 years old. The NXT LVL platform provides packages at affordable rates for the youth. The youth need reasonably priced and relatable products and that they have some form of control over spend. Youth are free to choose from exciting products developed specifically for them. #Freedom
Daily Voice Bundle
Daily Data Bundle
Daily Social Levels
Daily SMS Bundle
Weekly Voice Bundle
Weekly Data Bundle
To register Dial *114*36# or *111#.

NXT LVL Bundles Terms and Conditions
  • Daily voice, data & SMS bundles will expire 24hours after purchase has been made.
  • Social levels are daily bundles that are valid until 23:59:59 on the day of purchase.
  • Social levels are for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram only.
  • WhatsApp voice and Facebook Messenger voice are not included in the Social level data that is allocated per service.
  • Weekly voice, data & SMS bundles will expire 7 days after purchase at 23:59.
  • Bundles can only be purchased on the NXT LVL menu for Prepaid Anytime customers only.
  • Bundles can be purchased from existing subscriber airtime excluding the 100% M-Pesa Bonus.
  • Subscribers can purchase as many of these bundles as they wish.
  • Once a customer has purchased the bundles, there are no reversals. At no time can the bundles be converted into airtime credit.
  • All other business rules remain the same.