Umlaut Confirms That Vodacom Lesotho Is Top TOPS! We Are Lesotho's Best Network!


Photo: Umlaut

Umlaut is a world renowned leader in mobile network testing and it has had time to come to our country, and provide a detailed look into the mobile network performance in Lesotho. The tests were done in relation to smartphone voice and data performance and as expected, Vodacom Lesotho came top TOPS!

The mobile performance audit was undertaken between 28 Apr 2022 – 02 May 2022, with 4G as the technology under evaluation. Vodacom Lesotho Scored 509 out of 1000 in terms of mobile performance on both voice and data. We further scored 85 while our competitor scored 75 for voice, with a maximum score for voice at 300 as per Umlaut scoring. We then went on to score an impressive 268 while our competitor bagged 182 while the maximum target to be achieved was booked at 450. With the kind of results that we have achieved it is evident that we are Lesotho’s Best Network! With tests like these, we are in a better light to always improve on areas that can lead us to even better scoring.

umlatu As shown on from 202207_umlaut_Lesotho_AuditReport.pdf.page9

Congratulations to the Vodacom Lesotho MD, Mohale Ralebitso, Vodacom Lesotho CTO, Molupe Mothepu, EHOD Network Access, Tsepo Chaotsane, Manager Network Quality, Lebona Mohaeka and Senior Manager Core Networks, Lebamang Mohai. We extend our gratitude to the networks team including their third parties for the on-going support that they provide to get our customers connected at the best possible coverage.

To read further on the report and understand some of the terminology used, click here: 202207_umlaut_Lesotho_AuditReport.pdf

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